From our Reformation Conference last year with Dr. Carl Trueman & Dr. T. David Gordon.  Below is session 1.

Other sessions of the conference are linked here:

Session 1: Luther and the Dawn of the Reformation

Session 2: How God Providentially prepared the Reformers for a Reformation

Session 3: Friday night Q&A session

Session 4: Luther’s Theology of the Cross

Session 5: The “Religion of the Book” In An Increasingly Aliterate Culture

Session 6: The Reformation for Today

Session 7: Saturday afternoon Q&A

WSC Questions for Fall 2018 Listing.
Click here for the Fall listing of the Shorter catechism questions.

Online Giving.
Redeemer now has the capability to receive online giving. See Sam Wilsey for details.

2018-2019 Nursery Teams and Service Schedule.
Thank you to all of you who have volunteered to serve in our nursery!  Volunteer teams/service schedule is now available here on our website and posted in the nursery. However, we are still in need of additional adult helpers and your service would be most appreciated. Please contact E. Wilsey if interested,

Mens Fellowship Study.
Saturday morning Men’s Fellowship Study will be starting up on 15 September at 8am. We’ll be reading J.C. Ryle’s Practical Religion. Click here for the copy we’ll be using & check the Men’s Fellowship page here on our website for the schedule. We look forward to a great time in fellowship.

Inquirers Class.
Are you interested in membership or would simply like more information about Redeemer Church? You are invited to join Pastor Wright to discuss the following topics: the History of Presbyterianism, Doctrine, Government and Worship. This is a 4-week class during the Sunday School hour, meeting on 9 September – 30 September.

Ladies Fall Study.
The Ladies study will be reading and discussing Nancy Guthrie’s book, The Son of David  – Seeing Jesus in the Historical Books. Here is the link for the book.  Check the Ladies Discipleship page here on our website for the schedule.

Wednesday Evening Prayer Fellowship. 
On 26 September we will gather for corporate prayer and worship at 7:00pm.

Community Groups. 
Community Group information is now available! Please see information and signup sheets in the narthex and nursery. Information can also be found here on our website.

Ladies Craft Night Out. 
Ladies, join us on Saturday evening, 6 October, 6:30pm, at the AR Workshop in Hudson for a Craft Night! Come and enjoy appetizers and fellowship together, and leave with a DIY creation. AR Workshop Hudson is a unique DIY experience, with all tools, instructions and materials provided. To pick your project and pay online, please click here.

Handel’s Messiah.
You are invited to join the chorus! Join Rich Lang and fellow singers from Grace Presbyterian and Hudson Presbyterian Church and lend your voice to sing Handel’s Messiah. Redeemer Church is hosting the weekly rehearsals starting on Sunday, 7 October from 2-4:00pm, with a performance date of Saturday, 15 December at 6:00pm. Dr. Todd Ranney from Grace Presbyterian will be conducting.

Keep Up To date.
Check out the Redeemer calendar here on our website to find out what’s happening in the life of our church. Don’t miss another event or gathering!

Overflow Parking.
Additional parking is available adjacent to the church building at the bank parking lot, with a staircase from the lot to the church. Please consider parking next door to provide open spaces for our visitors and those needing a space closer to the building.

Sermon App.
If you’d like to listen to our sermons and classes check out our app at Sermon.Net. There you will find sermons and classes going back for some time. Also, if you subscribe you can take notes and have an online Bible for your convenience.

Keep in touch on Facebook.
We have a Facebook page that will help you stay in touch with current events at Redeemer. Simply request to join here and you’ll be added to our page.

Check out our Library.
Have you read any good books lately? The church library currently houses almost 300 volumes—there’s sure to be something for you. We have devotionals, commentaries, history, biography, culture, and more. There are also video and audio resources. Checkout instructions are posted at the end of the shelves by the window. The entire catalog is available online at for you to browse. There is a box for donations if you have books you’d like to contribute. Magazines are free for the taking and need not be returned. See Kevin Glazier with any questions.PM.

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