Our Youth Group meets on Sunday evenings following Evening Worship service for students in 6th – 12 grade during the school year.

The theme of youth group will be Identity. Throughout the year, we will consider the identities that our students and their friends and classmates are developing, adopting, refining, rejecting, running into, and conflicting with as they grow in their roles as friends, students, children, siblings, church attenders and members, and young men and women. Most importantly, my prayer is to encourage our students to really think about the preeminence and potential of their identity “in Christ” – how it is different than what the world offers, and to challenge them to take seriously the truths of this identity, with its many promises and responsibilities; its call to humility, love, sacrifice, holiness, unity, faith, and if need be – “though none go with me, still I will follow…” It is a big topic, but I commit to approach it with respect regarding the broad age range represented in our group and with a measure of fun.