Community Group Offerings

Community Groups

What are Community Groups?
Community Groups at Redeemer Church supplement corporate worship by providing opportunities for people to get to know one another on a deeper level. Community Groups are made up of a small group of Redeemer members and attenders (typically less than 15 adults). While the primary goal of these groups is deepening our relationships with one another, there is time set apart for structured discussion of recent sermons, Bible passages, or other books so that we can grow and learn together.

What kind of commitment am I making when I sign up for a Community Group?
Community Groups last only for one academic year. While some groups stay largely intact from year to year, there is no obligation to be a part of the same group after one year. Groups meet either once or twice a month, and because your presence is beneficial to the whole group, you are asked to make participation a priority for the whole year. One way we can practically serve one another is by bringing food to gatherings as we are able at the direction of the group coordinator.

How do I sign up for a Community Group?
After deciding which group you prefer to join (see attached packet), email the contact person for the group. If space permits, you will be placed on the Community Group roster, but if there is not sufficient space, you will need to find another group. If you have problems finding a group, let me know, and we will find a place for you.

Can my children come?
Yes! Many groups plan to offer childcare. For children that need supervision, childcare will be arranged for a reasonable cost to be shared by all parents using babysitters. Elementary children and older can participate with the adults or play during the discussion time. Be sure to talk with your particular group’s contact person with questions or concerns.

I look forward to seeing how the Lord uses these groups in the life of Redeemer Church this year.

Grace and peace,

Jason Piland