Welcome to the Redeemer Church Nursery Page!

We are privileged to care for your children during the Sunday school hour and worship service. 

1. Volunteer Arrival: Please arrive by 10:45am. If you need to switch weeks with someone make sure you
are switching 1 adult for 1 adult. Youth may not sub for adults.
2. Check In/Check Out: Everyone enters and leaves through the baby room. Station 1 adult to get
instructions from parents, put on name tags, and give card to parent. Hooks are labeled for each family to
leave diaper bags. Send 2+ year olds through the bathroom to the other room. At end of service bring all
the toddlers from next door into the baby room to be picked up at the counter. Only release children to a
parent who as their “card”.
3. How to Split the Rooms: We must have at least 1 adult and another helper in each room. If there are 2
children under 2 years old (or non-walkers), keep them in room F (the baby room). If there are 2 children
over 2 years old, keep them in the toddler room. Toddlers stay next to the bathroom in room G.
4. How to Reach Parents During Service: Make sure a cell phone number is written down on the check-in-sheet
for each child. If at any point during the service there is a problem, or a parent needs to be reached,
please text them. Also, make sure parents know this is how we will get in touch with them.
5. Sleeping Babies: If a baby needs to take a nap. Pull a Pack N’ Play to one of the empty rooms across the
hall and put a “Sleeping Baby” sign on the door.
6. Clean-Up Needs:
a. Gather up all the toys and do your best to put them away in an organized manner.
b. Combine trash from all three rooms into one bag and leave in the hallway to be picked up. Put
new liners in trashcans.
c. Bring all 4 Pack N’ Plays back into the baby room (they can be drug in without taking them
down). Take off all sheets, put in laundry bag, and put laundry bag in the hallway. Then get new
sheets out of the changing table and put them on. The changing table cover also needs to be put
in the laundry bag and a fresh one put on.
d. Wash any cups from the toddler room that were used and leave on the counter in the bathroom.
e. There is a tub with Spray in each room. Any toys that spend time in a child’s mouth should be
put in the bin when that child is finished with it. At the end of worship, spray/wipe them down,
and leave in the bin. Will be put away the following week.
7. Where Things Go: There are extra diapers, wipes, and all the fresh linens in the changing table in the baby
room. The cupboards in the toddler room should have snacks, cups, trash bags, crayons, and paper. If you
run out of any supplies PLEASE write it on the Supplies List on the bulletin board.
8. Sick Children:
Parents are asked not to bring their child to the nursery if one of the following conditions exists:

Temperature of 100 degrees or higher in the last 24 hours
Severe Coughing
Colored nasal drainage
Pink eye
Head lice
Undiagnosed rash
Open skin lesions
Any infectious disease

If a child shows signs of sickness (including, but not limited to, all listed above, nursery volunteers should contact
the parents and ask that the child be removed from the nursery area.

Updated: April 4, 2019