Welcome to the Redeemer Church Nursery! We are privileged to care for your children during the Sunday school hour and worship service. We seek to provide a safe and happy experience for your children.

Age groups:

  • The nursery is for children from newborn through three years of age
  • We staff two rooms—one for children under two and one for children over two

Checking in and out:

  • When you arrive, please sign your child in on the sign-in sheet. We have a card system for identifying children and their families. The nursery volunteers will help you attach a name tag to your child; please remember to take the corresponding card with you and return it when you pick up your child. We will only release your child to his or her parent or primary caregiver. Please pick up your child within ten minutes after the conclusion of the service.
  • Please let us know if your child has any special needs or food allergies and if they may have the snack. We often serve a snack of goldfish, pretzels, or graham crackers
  • Feel free to come in and help your child acclimate to the nursery, but don’t worry if your child cries for a minute when you leave. This is usually short-lived. If your child is inconsolable or urgently needs you during the service, a nursery worker will come and find you in the sanctuary

Sick child policy:

  • Please do not bring your child to the nursery if he or she is sick. Help us keep our nursery clean and healthy and avoid passing around illnesses! Please do not bring your children if they have exhibited these signs in the past 24 hours: fever, contagious runny nose and coughing, questionable rashes, diarrhea or other obvious signs of illness.

What to bring:

  • Please bring two diapers, a change of clothes, any needed lovies like blankets and pacifiers, and a sippy cup
  • Please don’t bring toys from home

Nursing mothers:

  • Nursing mothers are welcome to use the rocking chairs in the nursery at any time. You may also nurse your baby in the library next to the sanctuary where you can hear the service.

Nursery workers:

  • Our nursery is staffed by volunteers age 11 & older who are members of our church or have been regularly attending our church for six months and have passed a background check. We serve on rotating teams of 4-5 members each in order to provide some consistency for the children

Guidelines for nursery workers:

  • Nursery workers arrive at least 10 minutes before the service begins
  • Nursery workers are responsible to enforce the nursery’s policies, especially regarding illness and drop-off and pick-up procedures
  • Nursery workers may not release children to siblings or unauthorized adults
  • Nursery workers wash their hands after changing diapers and will check your child’s diaper each week
  • Nursery workers sanitize the toys each week
  • Blankets and linens are regularly washed
  • Nursery workers do not physically discipline your children; instead time-out and redirection are used
  • A worker will contact you if your child is ill or hurt, if your child is crying inconsolably, or if a serious discipline problem occurs
  • Nursery workers clean and close up the nursery after the service
Click here for a listing of teams and the schedule for the nursery.