Member Resources

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Membership is important at Redeemer Church.

We believe that formally joining a church is an important part of fulfilling the Christian’s biblical obligations to be accountable to Christ’s shepherds and his Church. Furthermore, it clearly indicates to church leaders who is under their care so they can shepherd them well.  Membership fosters a deeper commitment to one another in the body of Christ.

Those interested in joining Redeemer Church begin the process by taking our Inquirer’s Class taught by Pastor Wright.  Contact Lauren John at to learn about our next Inquirer’s Class.  Second, they meet with our Session so the elders can hear the applicant’s Christian testimony.  Finally, those approved by the Session stand before the whole congregation on a Sunday morning to publicly profess their faith by taking vows of membership and being baptized if they have never been baptized before.

Those who go through this process of professing their faith publicly are called “communicant members,” meaning that they have the privilege of partaking in the Lord’s Supper.  Children of communicant members are called “non-communicant members” because, while still a member of the church, they do not participate in the Lord’s Supper until they go through the full membership process and publicly profess their faith themselves.