The Larger Catechism is presented here in two PDF files for ease of printing and reading.
Part 1: Questions 1-115
Part 2: Questions 116-196

The concept of catechism instruction is hardly known in the church world today. We believe it to be of greatest value for the future spiritual welfare of covenant youth growing up in the church and for the continued strength of the church as a whole. There was a time when almost every Reformed and Presbyterian Church had a thorough program of catechism instruction. Sadly this is no longer the case.

The word ‘catechism’ simply refers to a method of instruction at one time most commonly used in the church to instruct children and new converts in the great truths of God’s Word. The instruction is usually given by means of a series of questions and answers. Most often these questions and answers are very carefully formulated ones. The teacher asks a set of formal questions and the students memorize the answers contained in the catechism.Catechism instruction rightly understood is instruction in the great historic creeds and confessions of the church.

Catechism instruction had its origin mostly in the Reformation though it was practiced even before the Reformation in the early church. Catechism instruction was widely used when the Reformed faith spread through Europe and Great Britain. The leaders of the Reformation were convinced that if the Reformation was to be truly successful the people of the land had to know the truth of God’s Word. Those who know anything about the Reformation would know that above all things the Reformation was a return to the Word of God.