Dear Brethren,

I hope you are enjoying the abundant mercy of God who has blessed us richly in Christ. The days in which we live are challenging, but he is a very present help in times of trouble. On behalf of the session I want to express our deep appreciation for your continued efforts in following the COVID protocols. While several people and families in our church have been affected by the virus, there has been no known transmission of the virus in the context of our church services. For that we are grateful. We will continue to pray for those who are infected or recovering and provide any assistance we can.

In light of the recent spike in cases, Session has made some decisions regarding our church groups, meetings, and activities. We plan to continue our morning and evening services of worship in person, but if any are uncomfortable attending we will provide livestreaming so they can participate online. We do hope that following the worship services we avoid excessive congregating in the sanctuary and narthex so as to maintain a safer social distance among worshipers. Also, while adult Sunday School will continue, the opening of all other Sunday School classes and the nursery will be delayed until at least January 10th. Our community groups, men’s fellowship, and ladies’ Bible study which are such an important part of our fellowship together will either skip meeting in December or move online for their meetings. The Trail Life and American Heritage Girls groups will cancel their scheduled meetings in December. While we plan to have our annual Christmas Eve Service we will not be gathering for the appetizer hour beforehand.

Our hope is that God will bless these efforts to greatly reduce the threat of exposure to the virus in our church. We are thankful to him for the opportunities still available to meet in person as well as the wonderful technology that allows us to meet and participate online. If you are in need of anything, please let us know. May our gracious God bless you and keep you as together we seek to serve and worship him, as I am,

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Wright