• Sunday School Classes
  • Lord's Supper Schedule
  • Nursery Schedule
  • Diaconal Opening/Closing
Adult Class Rev. Disselkoen
High School (9th – 12th) Pastor Wright
Junior High (6th – 8th) Deacon Gaippe
Upper Elementary (4th – 5th) Deacon Sierko
Middle Elementary (2nd – 3rd) Deacon & Mrs. Darr
Elementary (K – 1st) Mr. & Mrs. Wiggers
Preschool (4 – 5 yrs) Abagail Van Drunen, Becky Cook, Taylor Wright
Toddler (2 – 3 yrs)


The Wilseys have graciously taken on this ministry.


Click here for the Nursery Team Schedule and click here for the Team Roster.

January Flenniken
February Gaippe
March Miller
April Sierko
May Wilsey
June Darr
July Flenniken
August Gaippe
September Sierko
October Miller
November Wilsey
December Darr