WSC Questions for Summer 2018 Listing.
Click here for the Spring listing of the Shorter catechism questions.

Wednesday Evening Prayer Fellowship. 
On 27 June we will gather for corporate prayer and worship at 7:00pm.

Parking Lot Work. 
Please note that the parking lot will be closed this upcoming week, 18 – 22 June, for sealing the asphalt.  Church building access will be restricted.

 Ladies Summer Book Study. 
Ladies, we will meet at the Van Drunen home to discuss Chapter 5 from the book None Like Him on 20 June at 8:45am. Friends are welcome and childcare is provided.

Redeemer News
Copies of the May Edition of Redeemer News are available at the Sound Booth or click here.

Youth Group. 
Check out the schedule for upcoming Youth Group events here. All 6th through 12th graders are welcome.

Youth Group Night at the Ballpark. 
We will attend an Akron Rubber Ducks Game featuring Star Wars fireworks together and enjoy an evening at the ballpark on 22 June. $8/per ticket with additional money for drinks/snacks. Friends are welcome! RSVP by 13 June to Jennifer Cook, This the link for tickets.

Shout Out.
Let friends and family know when you attend worship and events at Redeemer by checking into our Facebook page, posting a picture or tweeting.

Keep Up To date.
Check out the Redeemer calendar here on our website to find out what’s happening in the life of our church. Don’t miss another event or gathering!

Romans Scripture Journal – There’s a few left.
As we we have just started our sermon series on the Book of Romans, we have the Romans Scripture Journal free to adult members. These journals are a great asset to for note taking and jotting down study ideas as we move through the sermon series.  To obtain your copy see Jennifer Cook or an Elder or Deacon. More on the journal is below.

Introducing ‘ESV Scripture Journals’ from Crossway on Vimeo.

Overflow Parking.
Additional parking is available adjacent to the church building at the bank parking lot, with a staircase from the lot to the church. Please consider parking next door to provide open spaces for our visitors and those needing a space closer to the building.

Redeemer Missions.
To see the missions Redeemer supports check out the Missions Directory here.

Sermon App.
If you’d like to listen to our sermons and classes check out our app at Sermon.Net. There you will find sermons and classes going back for some time. Also, if you subscribe you can take notes and have an online Bible for your convenience.

Keep in touch on Facebook.
We have a Facebook page that will help you stay in touch with current events at Redeemer. Simply request to join here and you’ll be added to our page.

Check out our Library.
Have you read any good books lately? The church library currently houses almost 300 volumes—there’s sure to be something for you. We have devotionals, commentaries, history, biography, culture, and more. There are also video and audio resources. Checkout instructions are posted at the end of the shelves by the window. The entire catalog is available online at for you to browse. There is a box for donations if you have books you’d like to contribute. Magazines are free for the taking and need not be returned. See Kevin Glazier with any questions.